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But I can help, especially if you’re a coach, consultant or health and wellness professional with a big message to share.

My ambitious, savvy clients usually reach out to me when they’re upleveling their businesses and getting ready to play bigger. They’ve tried to DIY their copy—because they enjoy writing, or know they could—but it isn’t working out.

They’re procrastinating, obsessing, and wondering if they’ll ever get it “right” so they can hit publish and move onto all the other cool stuff they’re planning.

Sound familiar?


Nicole Baute writing coachAs a strategic writing coach with mad editing skills, I can help you…
  • capture your real voice and personality in writing—so your prospects meet (and love) the real you
  • make your message fresh, succinct and powerful—to spark those ah-ha moments for your reader
  • offload a large part of your sales process onto your copy—so folks are already 95% sold on your services before they reach out to you (trust me, it works!)


Start here: I’m writing…

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