Be more like Ani Difranco

The first ingredient in writing is play. How easily we forget. We get ambitious. We grow impatient. We try to stuff it in between appointments. And yes, we write. And our writing serves all kinds of practical purposes (like opening doors and repairing staircases). But it isn’t necessarily fun. And it isn’t necessarily good or true. This weekend,Continue Reading >>

My favourite productivity tools

Back in January, when I decided this would be the year of my Creative Renaissance (!), I knew one thing would be absolutely critical: I had to become more productive. You’ve heard it before: we all have the same number of hours in a day. How do some people manage to run businesses while raisingContinue Reading >>

Beginnings: a free writing workshop this Thursday

It’s easy to get stumped in the beginning. Maybe your idea sounds great…in the abstract. But when you try to write it up in a clear and compelling way, it falls apart. Or perhaps your blog post or marketing email pours out fully formed, but when you go back to read it, you realize it’s boring. The truth is, if the openingContinue Reading >>

Uber-common and increasingly meaningless words

I don’t need to tell you this, but…the online world is multiplying and morphing at a freaking incredible rate. A fresh new catch-phrase or idea debuts on a Tuesday and has spread to every corner of the web by Friday. By then it’s all over our newsfeeds and inboxes, giving us an uncomfortable sense of deja vu. And that’s when we stopContinue Reading >>

How to write like you speak (a checklist)

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: write like you speak, especially online, where copy should conversational. But putting that little gem into practice isn’t as easy as it sounds. What does “write like you speak” actually mean? And how can you tell if you’re hitting the mark? I believe your voice shines through when you’re feeling relaxed and confident,Continue Reading >>

How to share your credentials without bragging or being a bore

A common question from clients usually lands in my inbox between sessions. After we’ve outlined and started sculpting an About page, for example, my client will spend some time working on it and then realize… Wait! Where do I put my credentials? My clients are incredibly smart and experienced. When they say “credentials,” they aren’t necessarilyContinue Reading >>

It sucks when it happens. It’s worse if it doesn’t.

I just finished reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly (I know, I’m late to the party) and I’m feeling pretty determined to make mistakes, be uncomfortable, and get nice and cozy with rejection. If that sounds awful to you, keep reading. Failure used to be the absolute worst thing that could happen to me. As a kid,Continue Reading >>

My deceptively simple system for tracking blog post ideas

You’re at a party with friends, on a bike ride with the wind in your hair, or making dinner with multiple pots boiling and pans sizzling. Then a blog post idea comes to you. Like every good entrepreneur/writer/maker-of-things, you jot it down as soon as you can. In a notebook, perhaps, or in a fileContinue Reading >>

How long does it take?

In the beginning of our adventures in entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of uncertainty. Sometimes it feels like money is flowing out of our vulnerable little bank accounts as much as flowing in (business coaching, website design, and fancy programs…and I can’t even imagine what it’s like for product-based businesses!). And although we know in our gut that this is aContinue Reading >>

Write with freedom to find your voice

Leaping right in with an almighty question: When do you feel the most free? I’m talking about completely untethered. Limitless. Bathed in golden light. Maybe… On a boat on the ocean, salty wind in your hair… On a dance floor in a fedora, making the moves up as you go… Or taking your first exhaustedContinue Reading >>