Business survival tactics

We become entrepreneurs because we know there’s a better way to work and live.

And then we realize how much we have to learn. From work-life-balance to burnout to perfectionism, here’s my take on some of our biggest entrepreneurial battles:

My favourite productivity tools

Back in January, when I decided this would be the year of my Creative Renaissance (!), I knew one thing would be absolutely critical: I had to become more productive. You've heard it before: we all have the same number of hours in a day. How do some people manage to...

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How long does it take?

In the beginning of our adventures in entrepreneurship, there's a lot of uncertainty. Sometimes it feels like money is flowing out of our vulnerable little bank accounts as much as flowing in (business coaching, website design, and fancy programs...and I can't even...

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Letting the real you (and me!) shine through

I've got a big question for you today—a question that will help you create a more refined and authentic online presence. And that, of course, is precisely how you attract the right people and build a business that's 100% aligned with your values. But I should warn...

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Are you asking the wrong people for feedback?

You showed the The Thing You Are Creating to your mother, and she said, "That's nice, sweetheart." And you thought, "Hmm..." You showed the The Thing You Are Creating to your best friend, and she said, "It's awesome! You're awesome!" And you thought, "Did she even...

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Find the real cause of your resistance

As creative entrepreneurs, we know that dreams and plans are worth very little on their own—creation requires serious action. But something we just don't wanna. We lose our motivation and let our plans languish on our to-do lists for much, much longer than we ever...

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Why I walked away from my dream job

Every person with a big heart and an entrepreneurial spirit reaches a point where they have to decide. To stay or walk away. To do the conventional and expected thing, or take an abrupt right turn. To follow the rules, or write their own. I've had a few of these...

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