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What I wish I’d known when I was young

I didn't meet a writer until my early twenties. Even then, the writers I met were also university lecturers, offering a slim and specific window into the world of letters. I was left struggling to make sense of it. Could I be a writer? What did that mean? It's hard...

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100 things that make me happy

I'm working my way through Julia Cameron's The Right to Write, which is a wonderful roadmap for anyone who loves writing...and sometimes resists doing it. The book is full of writing exercises to get you out of your head and onto the page. The one I'm sharing today is...

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Why I walked away from my dream job

Every person with a big heart and an entrepreneurial spirit reaches a point where they have to decide. To stay or walk away. To do the conventional and expected thing, or take an abrupt right turn. To follow the rules, or write their own. I've had a few of these...

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What it means to be fearless (with air guitar!)

My youngest brother, Kurtis, made headlines earlier this month for a reason that might sound incredibly weird if you don't know him. He's an environmental science master's student at the University of Guelph, where he recently...made a music video of his thesis. Yup,...

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