Writing tips

We all have a love-hate relationship with writing.

Don’t give up! I’ve got all kinds of tricks for busting through writer’s block, finding your voice, telling your story, and cleaning up your copy. Get started here:

Be more like Ani Difranco

The first ingredient in writing is play. How easily we forget. We get ambitious. We grow impatient. We try to stuff it in between appointments. And yes, we write. And our writing serves all kinds of practical purposes (like opening doors and repairing staircases). But...

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Uber-common and increasingly meaningless words

I don't need to tell you this, but...the online world is multiplying and morphing at a freaking incredible rate. A fresh new catch-phrase or idea debuts on a Tuesday and has spread to every corner of the web by Friday. By then it's all over our newsfeeds and inboxes,...

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How to write like you speak (a checklist)

I'm sure you've heard this before: write like you speak, especially online, where copy should conversational. But putting that little gem into practice isn't as easy as it sounds. What does "write like you speak" actually mean? And how can you tell if you're hitting...

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The power of the one-sentence paragraph

There's one last thing I always do before publishing a blog post or sending an email to my subscribers. After everything's written, formatted and edited.... I pause and take a moment to break up my paragraphs. Online, we want 'em short. Give the people what they want....

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Stop sounding like everybody else

I've officially hit the saturation point. Two years ago, before I'd officially joined the world of online business, everything felt fresh. I mean, not fresh-out-of-the-garden fresh, but still, pretty crunchy. Every day, it seemed, I encountered something fun. Super...

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How to blog about your business ups and downs

If you have a blog and a business, this might sound familiar. You're trying to be honest and authentic so you can stand out against the monotonous congealed blob that is the Internet. (Just kidding, I love you, Internet.) But when you start to incorporate your real...

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Find the real cause of your resistance

As creative entrepreneurs, we know that dreams and plans are worth very little on their own—creation requires serious action. But something we just don't wanna. We lose our motivation and let our plans languish on our to-do lists for much, much longer than we ever...

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