It’s easy to get stumped in the beginning.

Maybe your idea sounds great…in the abstract. But when you try to write it up in a clear and compelling way, it falls apart.

Or perhaps your blog post or marketing email pours out fully formed, but when you go back to read it, you realize it’s boring.

The truth is, if the opening paragraph doesn’t grab you (ker-pow!), it won’t grab your reader either.

I’ve got something that will help.


Virtual Writing Retreat for Entrepreneurs

Beginnings matter. Get better at them.

This Thursday, I’m hosting a free writing workshop on beginnings. We’ll work on the way you start writing, and the very first words your reader encounters on the page (they aren’t necessarily the same thing!).

Whether you’re writing blog posts, guest articles, website copy or emails to your list, you’re invited to join me this Thursday at 4 p.m. Pacific/7 p.m. Eastern. We’ll talk about how to get organized so writing becomes a breeze, and how to hook your reader within seconds of them landing on the page.

And best of all, we’ll do some writing together.


Come write with me ~ Thurs, Feb 11

~ 4 p.m. Pacific/7 p.m Eastern ~

It’s free!

Please bring: a notebook, a pen and an open mind.

And please find: a quiet, distraction-free place to write.

How to join: Log on at at 4 p.m. Pacific/7 p.m. Eastern (or just before, as spots are limited!).

Don’t forget to add the workshop to your calendar! You can also join my mailing list (at the top right of this page) for a notification just before the event. If you’re on my mailing list, I’ll make sure you get access to the replay.

Looking forward to writing with you.