One of the hardest parts of writing about yourself is talking about what makes you amazing. You’re modest, you’re gracious, and you don’t want to come across like a jerk.

But here’s the problem with that. If you don’t share your strengths—particularly in an important place like your About page, for example—your prospects may not stick around for long enough to discover them for themselves.

Almost all of my clients struggle with this, so I’m giving you my best tricks for sharing your strengths and talents—with just enough humility.


You know what you’re good at.

You know the magical abilities that make it possible for you to do the great work that you do.

All you really need are a few carefully worded sentences to share that invaluable information with your ideal clients. Add ’em to your About page, your Home page, or your bio, if you use one.

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1. Show, don’t tell.

You are awesome at some things. It’s a fact, and it’s okay if you present it as such.

But the more specific you are in describing your strengths, the more likely people are to understand and believe you.

It also helps to give concrete examples.

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I really like starting with “I have a knack for…” because it implies a God-given talent (you’re just good at this thing! You don’t even know why!) and helps you lead into an example.

For example you could say “I’m a great interviewer and brainstorming buddy.”

But this would be even better: “I have a knack for asking the kinds of questions that unlock brilliant ideas.”

You can also try starting a sentence with “I have a tendency to…”


2. Use hyperbole and humour.

This is a brilliant trick. It’s a way to accept the absurdity of your #humblebrag while still sharing it, loud and clear.

I’m talking about your superpower. The weird talent you’re the world champion of. Your special kind of magic. Or something even cleverer I haven’t thought of yet.

Humour is an incredible tool we can use to soften, illuminate, and zip straight to someone’s emotional core.

I refer to my “listening superpowers” on my home page, and know it’s stuck with people because it’s been quoted back to me!


3. Paraphrase your clients.

It’s not only easier to let other people talk about how awesome you are, but it’s actually more convincing. This is why testimonials are so popular, of course.

But you don’t have to stick to direct quotes and testimonials to lean on your clients’ words as a way to communicate your greatness.

You can craft a summary sentence referencing a few key strengths that you really value, and your clients have also picked up on. This is SO EASY and can be incredibly powerful.

Here are three sentence starters for you to play around with:

“My clients tell me I’m…”

“My clients always thank me for…”

“My clients are often impressed by…”


Go on, share your strengths!

I’d love to hear about what makes you special! Add your best sentence in the comments below and I’ll happily give you some feedback!