Leaping right in with an almighty question:

When do you feel the most free?

I’m talking about completely untethered. Limitless. Bathed in golden light.


On a boat on the ocean, salty wind in your hair…

On a dance floor in a fedora, making the moves up as you go…

Or taking your first exhausted but exhilarating steps off the plane and into a country you’ve never visited before.



What would happen if your writing felt that free?

What would you write?

How would you write it?

And how would your reader feel when they encountered your words—that dazzling truth they’ve been longing to hear?

You may have heard that I’m piloting some voice workshops to help entrepreneurs, creatives and dreamers find their voices and write from the heart.


This is confidence-building, game-changing work.

These intimate workshops full of guided writing exercises are sending participants soaring past self-doubt and writer’s block.

They’re writing with depth, truth and lightning-bolt force.

And in just a few weeks, my students tell me their writing is flowing more easily, sounding more natural, and making them pretty damn excited about the possibilities for the future.


They’re unleashing the power of their voices

And you can too.

The next round of workshops begins November 25th. It’s just $95 USD for four 90-minute workshops (four weeks). Sessions are held online in small groups of six (plus me), with opportunities to read and share during the call.

If you’ve been looking for your voice, you can stop because…it’s right there. I’ll show you where.

Kind people only (of course).

Apply here if you want to join us.