For small business owners writing or revamping their websites or blogs, there are two obvious choices:

Hire a copywriter, or suffer through the process in solitude, with a helluva lot of uncertainty.

As a writing coach, I have a better solution. My collaborative approach to copywriting and blogging allows you to share your message in your own voice, but without the anxious feeling and mixed results that come with flying solo.


Who I work with:

Coaches, consultants, and health and wellness professionals who enjoy writing (or know they could) but want to nail their message, become better writers and grow their businesses online in an ethical way. My clients are brilliant, kind and great at what they do, but when it comes to writing and business they struggle with perfectionism, confidence and getting shit done.

How we make the magic:

You bring the ideas, experience and passion, and I bring nearly a decade of professional writing experience. The process begins with in-depth conversations, message sculpting and live outlining, followed by writing homework (you) and razor-sharp editing (me). In the end, you’ll have polished copy and content that connects with your right people but still sounds exactly like you.

I also help folks unleash their writing voices through cozy online workshops (learn more about that here).

Why I love what I do:

I once had a dream job for any aspiring writer: a full-time permanent gig as a journalist at Canada’s largest circulation newspaper. But after three years, I decided to quit. Why? I cared too much about the people I interviewed, and felt uncomfortable with the power I had over how their stories were told. I wanted to help people communicate instead of communicating for them.

Which is precisely why I’m passionate about helping you tell your own story.

All of the narrative goodness,
none of the bad vibes.
Nicole-at-the-Tamale-airportMy professional writing background…

Writing feeds my soul, and it’s the only way I’ve ever made a living. I built my business after working as a journalist and feature writer, in marketing and publicity for Toronto’s finest literary festival, and as a media trainer at a university in Africa. I’m a stickler for clarity, grammar and style, but I’m also passionate about creating a fun, stress-free writing practice. (And know perfect is impossible.)

I have a master’s degree in journalism, once edited a delicious little book about women and food called EAT IT, and write short stories in my spare time.


Storytelling lightning round:
  • My last name (Baute) is Anglicized Flemish, not French. Think “howdy” or “rowdy” and you’ll come up close. (The name got messed up when my ancestors crossed the ocean.)
  • Isabel Myers-Briggs tells me I’m a feelings-first intuitive introvert who likes a little order in her life. She’s right.
  • In 2013, I spent six months as a media trainer in Ghana, working with journalism students at a university. The students taught me more than I could ever articulate about learning, teaching, and striving. I miss them.
  • At the moment, home is a 1920s apartment in Vancouver, Canada.
  • My number one piece of advice for getting unstuck is writing by hand in a notebook (try it!).
Show your dream clients who you really are

The online business world is full of bragging and shouting—but that isn’t the only way to find clients (thank goodness).

I’ve grown my little biz by being helpful and honest, and by pairing strategy with genuine self-expression. If I can do it, you can too.

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